Name of API CAS Number Therapeutic Segments
Albendazole CAS 54965-21-8 Anthelmintic
Ricobendazole CAS 54029-12-8
Clorsulon CAS 60200-06-8
Closantel Base / Sodium CAS 57808-65-8,
Cymiazole CAS 61676-87-7
Nitroscanate CAS 19881-18-6
Oxfendazole CAS 53716-50-0
Oxyclozanide CAS 2277-92-1
Praziquantel CAS 55268-74-1
Fenbendazole CAS 43210-67-9
Mebendazole CAS 31431-39-7
Triclabendazol CAS 68786-66-3
Benzthiazide CAS 91-33-8 Antihypertensive Agent
Bithionol Sulfoxide CAS 844-26-8 Antiparasitic
Quinapyramine Salts CAS 3270-78-8,
Buparvaquone CAS 88426-33-9 Antiprotozoal
Isometamidium Chloride HCl CAS 6798-24-9
Diminazene Diaceturate CAS 908-54-3
Butaphosphan CAS 17316-67-5 Phosphorus Supplementation
Cyromazine CAS 66215-27-8 Insecticide
S-Methoprene CAS 65733-16-6
Toldimphos Sodium CAS 575-75-7 Mineral Supplements

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