Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Name of API CAS No. Therapeutic Segments
Montelukast Sodium USP CAS 151767-02-1 Antiasthamatics
Salbutamol Sulfate BP/EP CAS 51022-70-9
Salmeterol Xinafoate BP CAS 94749-08-3
Azithromycin BP/USP CAS 83905-01-5 Antibiotics
Clarithromycin BP/USP CAS 81103-11-9
Sparfloxacin CAS 110871-86-8,
Warfarin Sodium BP CAS 129-06-6 Anticoagulant
Levetiracetam CAS 102767-28-2 Anticonvulsants /
Mebeverine HCl BP CAS 2753-45-9
Pregabalin CAS 148553-50-8
Topiramate USP CAS 97240-79-4
Loperamide BP CAS 53179-11-6 Antidiarrheal
Domperidone BP/EP/JP CAS 57808-66-9
Glimepiride BP/USP CAS 93479-97-1 Antidiabetics
Metformin Hcl BP/EP/USP CAS 1115-70-4
Pioglitazone Hcl BP/EP/USP CAS 112529-15-4
Aripiprazole CAS 129722-12-9 Antidepressants/
Citalopram HBr BP/EP/USP CAS CAS 59729-32-7
Duloxetine CAS 136434-34-9
Escitalopram Oxalate CAS 219861-08-2
Olanzapine CAS 132539-06-1
Risperidone BP/USP CAS 106266-06-2
Sertraline HCl BP/EP/USP CAS 79559-97-0
Venlafaxine HCl BP/EP/USP CAS 99300-78-4
Fluconazole BP/USP CAS 86386-73-4 Antifungals
Ketoconazole BP/USP CAS 65277-42-1
Itraconazole BP/USP CAS 84625-61-6
Artemether CAS 71963-77-4 Antimalarial Segment
Quinidine CAS 56-54-2
Cinchonine CAS 118-10-5
Cinchonidine CAS 485-71-2
Lumefantrine CAS 82186-77-4
Quinine Base BP CAS 130-95-0
Quinine Bisulphate BP CAS 549-56-4
Quinine DiHCl BP CAS 60-93-5
Quinine HCl BP CAS 6119-47-7
Quinine Sulphate BP CAS 207671-44-1
Rivastigmine Tartrate CAS 129101-54-8 Cholinergics
Ambroxol HCl BP CAS 23828-92-4 Cough Suppressants
Mycophenolate Mofetil BP/USP CAS 128794-94-5 Immunosuppressant
Tacrolimus USP CAS 104987-11-3
Bisacodyl BP/EP/USP CAS 603-50-9 Laxative
Tramadol HCl BP/EP/USP CAS 36282-47-0,
Opiate Agonists
Clopidogrel Bisulphate USP CAS 135046-48-9 Antiplatelet
Alendronate Sodium BP/USP CAS 121268-17-5 Antirheumatics
Diacerein CAS 13739-02-1
Ranitidine HCL form II USP CAS 66357-59-3 Antiulcer
Rosuvastatin Calcium IP CAS 147098-20-2
Finasteride BP/USP CAS 98319-26-7 α Adrenergic Blockers
Sildenafil Citrate EP/USP CAS 171599-83-0 Erectile Dysfunction
Tadalafil BP/USP CAS 171596-29-5
Vardenafil HCl/EP/USP/IHS CAS 224785-91-5
Tolterodine Tartrate CAS 124937-52-6 Muscle Relaxant
Diclofenac Sodium BP/USP CAS 15307-79-6 NSAIDs
Meloxicam BP/USP CAS 71125-38-7
Celecoxib CAS 169590-42-5
Atorvastatin Calcium USP CAS 134523-03-8 Antihyperlipoproteinemics
Rosuvastatin Calcium IP CAS 147098-20-2
Esomeprazole Magnesium BP/USP CAS 161973-10-0 Proton Pump Inhibitors
Lansoprazole Sodium BP/USP CAS 103577-45-3
Omeprazole BP/USP CAS 73590-58-6
Pantoprazole Sodium BP/USP CAS 138786-67-1
Rabeprazole Sodium CAS 117976-90-6
Amlodipine Besylate BP/USP CAS 111470-99-6 Antihypertensive
Candesartan Cilexetil CAS 145040-37-5
Carvedilol BP/EP/USP CAS 72956-09-3
Clopidogrel Bisulphate USP CAS 135046-48-9
Losartan Potassium BP/USP CAS 124750-99-8
Olmesartan Medoxomil CAS 144689-63-4
Ramipril BP/EP/USP CAS 87333-19-5
Telmisartan BP CAS 144701-48-4
Valsartan USP CAS 137862-53-4
Cetirizine DiHCl BP/EP/USP CAS 83881-52-1 Antihistamine
Promethazine HCl USP CAS 58-33-3
Cinnarizine BP/EP CAS 298-57-7
Desloratadine EP CAS 100643-71-8
Ebastine BP CAS 90729-43-4
Famotidine CAS 76824-35-6
Fexofenadine BP/EP/USP CAS 153439-40-8
Levocetirizine DiHCl CAS 130018-77-8
Loratadine BP/USP CAS 79794-75-5
Mesalamine CAS 89-57-6 Antiinflammatory
Ketorolac Tromethamine EP/USP CAS 74103-07-4
Modafinil BP CAS 68693-11-8 Analeptic
Nimesulide BP CAS 51803-78-2 Analgesic / Antipyretic
Sumatriptan Succinate EP CAS 103628-48-4 5HT1 -Agonist
Trioxsalen USP CAS 3902-71-4 Antipsoriatic

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